Liz VonSeggen

Liz VonSeggen will custom design a program for your group or you may want to select one of her already prepared programs. Each program consists of several short segments involving ventriloquism, storytelling, music, and drama so the length of each program can be tailor made for your situation. The length of programs can vary from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. Themes that you might want to consider include: "Mission Possible," "Flight of Faith," "R.A.I.N. (Rejoice Always In spite of Negatives)," "Feed the Ducks," "Super Duck," or any of the major holidays.

Liz VonSeggen has taught on every age level, so she is quite capable of presenting a program for preschoolers, children, youth, senior adults, or the whole family unit. Her experiences include:

  • Performing for many years as a professsional ventriloquist
  • Speaker using lots of drama and other creative art forms
  • Excellent teacher with lots of demonstrations and hands-on activities
  • Character voiceover artist, having recorded many scripts for puppets and drama
  • Director of puppet teams, drama productions, creative arts teams, and studio coordinator for recording scripts and music
  • Spanish teacher and bilingual trainer for puppetry, children's ministry, and music
  • Writer of creative art forms, including ventriloquism scripts, puppetry scripts, drama skits, and full-length production planning

Dale VonSeggen

Dale VonSeggen has founded and co-founded numerous ministry-related conferences and organizations, and has taught children's ministry and creative ministry topics at local, regional, national, and international events for more than 30 years. He also speaks on leadership topics, and has networked with individuals in many states and in many countries to make their dream of sponsoring ministry training events a reality. He is a visionary and a tireless road warrior. His experiences include:

  • Seminar speaker and workshop leader
  • Conference/Event organizer and consultant
  • Travel experience in 50 states and 40 + foreign countries
  • Resource publisher, author, editor, reviewer in the areas of leadership and children's ministry
  • Marketing and networking consultant for children's ministry resources, events, and organizations

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