Booking Dale or Liz

Dale and Liz both continue to stay busy with conference work and short engagements. Therefore, you may want to check their ministry schedule on this website. Note: the duck icon indicates Liz's presence while the camel icon shows Dale's presence for each engagement on their ministry schedule.

It may be possible to engage one or both of them at your church or organization when they are already in your area. They reside in the Denver area, so it is quite easy for them to book flights from Denver to other major cities. Dale can provide availability dates and fees and will make all the arrangements for booking. Liz and Dale travel together, but also take separate dates as requested.

To book either Dale or Liz, contact Dale VonSeggen
(303) 740-7833 (home)
(303) 517-7808 (cell)
PO Box 4025
Englewood, Colorado, 80155.

Note: When contacting Dale, please provide your name, phone number, city and state, and email address along with the requested date and type of event you are wanting Dale or Liz to schedule with you.


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