Meet Dale and Liz

Dale and Liz VonSeggen are high school teachers by profession and children's ministers by heart and calling. For the past 32 years Dale and Liz have devoted their energies and time to raising a family and teaching children in their own church plus training, equipping, encouraging, and enabling children's and youth workers to be all that God called them to be through the events and resources provided through One Way Street, Inc., across the country and around the world..

Recently Dale and Liz have begun a new chapter in their lives. They have sold One Way Street. to long-term employees and are now launching into using their experiences and talents in teaching for the new leaders of One Way Street, Todd and Amie Liebenow, as well as venturing into performance and teaching opportunities that God will provide for them personally. This website reflects the opinions and experiences of both Dale and Liz and will provide information to anyone who desires to use them in ministry opportunities appropriate to their expertise. Check out the photos of Dale and Liz in their various past experiences and be sure to review their list of teaching and performing subjects.

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